Our Mission

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Our Mission

In order to further the advancement and progress of our position in the light of contemporary global intellectual challenges, change and continuous improvement to keep up with what haunts us from the constant evolution and excellence in customer satisfaction requirements.

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• to offer the customer more than they expect service until we gain confidence.

• The client is the one who issued the final judgment on us.

• The customer is not an outsider upon us, it is a part of us.

• If you do not give enough attention to the customer will be others that.

• When we give enough attention to the customer, so we take care of ourselves.

• It takes months to get the client does not take the loss of only seconds.

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The International Center for Training and Consulting, we aim to be one of the largest Egyptian companies in the provision of training and advisory services to institutions, industrial, service and public and private companies, as well as individuals in many of these areas of quality management in institutions of all kinds system applications any if its size and nature of their work, as well as administrative and technical fields to this specialized center it provides a qualified consultant team scientifically and practically, and they have sufficient experience in many of these areas.



Dr.Tamer Abdullah Sharaky , ICTC Center

Address : 69 Street Mosque alsdaka Sidi Beshr Kebly, Alexandria, Egypt

Hotline : 00201004415852

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