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Our Services

Featuring the International Center for Training and Consulting its methodology in advisory work by sharing their own workers in the development and design plans and thus counseling close to reality and capable of immediate application, and the most important areas of advisory services which contribute to the International Center for Training and Consulting are the following:

1. Rehabilitation companies to obtain quality management system certification (ISO 9001).

2. Rehabilitation companies to obtain environmental management system certification (ISO 14001).

3. Rehabilitation companies for occupational health and safety management system certification


4. Rehabilitation companies to obtain a certificate of quality ISO / TS 16949 for the automotive industry.

5. Assist companies and institutions to reduce the gap between actual and target rates of performance.

6. Design and follow-up and implementation of planning and production control systems.

7. Design and follow-up and implementation of systems and quality control procedures.

8. Design, implementation and monitoring of comprehensive quality management systems.

9. Design and preparation of the organizational and functional structures.

10. Implementation of project feasibility studies.

11. The work of the technical and financial evaluation of projects.

12. Design, systems maintenance and various methods.

13. Improve productivity and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of companies and institutions.


Quality and continuous improvement systems:

1. Quality Management System (ISO 9001-2015).

2. Occupational Safety and Health Management System (OHSAS-18001-2007).

3. Environment Management System (ISO 14001-2004).

4. Quality System (ISO / TC 16949) and requirements (particularly the automobile industry).

5. Laboratory management system (ISO / IEC 17025).

6. Prepare and rehabilitation of quality assurance managers, and quality consultant.

7. Prepare and qualify the quality of internal auditors.

8. Total Quality Management (TQM).

9. Supervision and quality control.

10. Statistical Quality Control (SPC).

11. Quality by using statistical analysis software control (Minitab).

12. Statistical analysis using software (SPSS).

13. Six Sigma principles - Yellow Belt (Six Sigma Yellow Belt).

14. Six Sigma - Green Belt (Six Sigma Green Belt).

15. Six Sigma - Black Belt (Six Sigma Black Belt).

16. Six Sigma champion (Six Sigma Champion).

17. organize the workplace (OS).


Special services:

1. Implementation of Six Sigma projects (6 Sigma).

2. The application of agile manufacturing projects (Lean manufacturing).

3. Provide functional cadres to institutions and companies.


Department of Scientific Research

Established the center section of scientific research to be the nucleus of researchers and specialists research and research studies in the areas of health and occupational safety, environment and quality, and education and training.

Each researcher receives a certificate and a card from the center by scoring a researcher in the field of specialization.

It is a free service for all researchers of both sexes, to do the work in the area of research and provide search every six months to enrich library science research and field studies and positive proposals.

Second: the institutional development of the companies:

Unique to the International Center for Training distinctive for services in the institutional development programs for companies, which aims to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of institutions and companies, through the implementation of a range of activities based mainly on the analysis of the current situation of the institution and the surrounding circumstances, in order to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the institution, and inventory problems current, and access to opportunities for improvement are available, these programs include the following activities:

- The use of methods and programs of the statistical analysis of data in the study institution analysis.

- Inventory problems and weaknesses of the institution.

- The use of statistical methods to determine the importance and priority problems.

- Use of objective analysis methods to get to the root causes of the problems.

- The composition of the teams within an organization to participate in the search operations and the analysis of the problems and their causes.

- To ensure the participation of workers themselves at all levels in the development of solutions.

- Discuss ways to increase the productivity of all elements of the enterprise (individuals - machines - ores).

Third: training services:

The International Center for Training and Consulting to provide all the training requirements in many areas sought by several methods:

1. Central Training:

He and seminars programs that cover many areas and disciplines according to the annual training plan announced by the International Center for Training group.

2. Contractual Training:

It is programs and seminars that are designed according to the training needs of companies and institutions group, these programs are based on the diagnostic study of the real problems with work, and the complexity of the entity requesting service or at the headquarters of the International Center for Training and Consulting's headquarters.

3. Vocational technical training:

He actor’s unions that qualify for its specialties of various technical and rode to catch up with the leading premium global institutions and technology group, and so improve productivity, and provide advisory and training services for the development of human resources staff and technicians.

4. Training through the Internet:

Online, using the best software and technical services with shipping through the world's best companies.

Fourth, training of trainers and consultants and the adoption of the training centers:

Available through our international credits we can qualify trainers in all disciplines and areas in accordance with the standards and classifications coaches at the international level and include:

1. Member Trainer

2. Certified Trainer

3. Professional Trainer

4. Master Trainer

5. Expert Trainer

6. Consultant Trainer

Management, planning and skills development programs:

1. Project management programs.

2. Project Management CNC (Primavera).

3. Project management using computers (MS Project).

4. Technical and financial feasibility studies for projects.

5. Strategic Planning programs.

6. Preparation and training of trainers in all disciplines

7. Administrative leadership skills.

8. An effective manager and administrative skills to avoid common mistakes.

9. Management skills of heads of departments development cycle.

10. Building and developing teams.

11. Effective for the analysis of problems and decision-making methods.

12. Individual and organizational performance evaluation.

13. The means and methods of stimulation.

14. The art of time management efficiently and effectively.

15. Management priorities.

Production management programs and improves productivity:

1. Production Planning and Control.

2. Methods and means of measuring performance.

3. Analysis and improve productivity.

4. Industrial cost accounting.

5. Modern methods to cut costs.

6. Material requirements planning system (MRP).

7. Re-work procedures - Reengineering engineering.

8. Health care workers - Ergonomics (Ergonomics).

9. Risk analysis and risk assessment.

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The International Center for Training and Consulting, we aim to be one of the largest Egyptian companies in the provision of training and advisory services to institutions, industrial, service and public and private companies, as well as individuals in many of these areas of quality management in institutions of all kinds system applications any if its size and nature of their work, as well as administrative and technical fields to this specialized center it provides a qualified consultant team scientifically and practically, and they have sufficient experience in many of these areas.



Dr.Tamer Abdullah Sharaky , ICTC Center

Address : 69 Street Mosque alsdaka Sidi Beshr Kebly, Alexandria, Egypt

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