OSHA Scaffolding Competent Person

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20. February 2018, 05:00
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22. February 2018, 10:00
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  OSHA Scaffolding Competent Person


3 days


  • Each Year, more than 60 workers are killed by falls from scaffolds, about 1 in 5 of the fatal falls in construction, besides problems with Planks & Guardrails, the main causes of injuries and deaths on scaffolds are poor planning for assembling and taking them apart, missing tie-ins or bracing loads that are too heavy, and being too close to power lines. Also, falling objects can hurt people below scaffolds.
  • OSHA says a competent person must inspect scaffold before each work shift and after anything happens that could affect the structure. The Competent person should be trained in scaffold safety.
  • A Competent person must supervise if a scaffold is assembled, changed, moved or taken apart.

The Training course will provide participants with the essential knowledge and skills to become scaffold competent persons as requested by OSHA.


  1. General Safety Requirements of Scaffolds (OSHA Standard)
  2. Erection and Dismantling of Frame Scaffold
  3. Erection and Dismantling of tube & Clamps Scaffold
  4. Erection and Dismantling of System Scaffold (Cup lock)
  5. Inspection of all types of scaffold loads
  6. OSHA Scaffold Standards


  1. Construction Forman & Supervisors
  2. Scaffold Technician
  3. Construction Engineers
  4. Safety Engineers, Supervisors ad Officers


  • Participants who pass the final exam will receive a certificate & wallet from scaffold training institute-Houston USA.

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